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Chiara Project

Metabolism of Cities Living Lab, SDSU

Chiara Project

We are an interdisciplinary and globally distributed research institute rooted in the belief that no one should be left behind.

The Metabolism of Cities Living Lab (MOC-LLAB) is a multi-disciplinary community of professionals worldwide dedicated to addressing the pressing global issues of climate change and inequality. Founded in 2019 at San Diego State University under the Center for Human Dynamics in the Mobile Age, the Lab has spearheaded numerous initiatives, including workshops, seminars, and the development of tools such as dashboards and educational campaigns, aimed at promoting sustainable development and climate adaptation globally. As part of its mission, the MOC-LLAB is leading the implementation of the Chiara Project as testbeds for innovative solutions, specifically immigrant women and health along the border.

Recognizing the transboundary nature of climate change, the MOC-LLAB places particular emphasis on highlighting and addressing its impact along borders, especially in underserved communities disproportionately affected by environmental risks. Our focus extends to advocating for and developing tangible solutions that empower local governments to localize the UN Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring inclusivity and resilience for all.

Amidst the escalating climate crisis and its myriad socio-economic ramifications, the MOC-LLAB is committed to forecasting future impacts and formulating actionable recommendations for governments at all levels. Central to our approach is the acknowledgment of the federal government’s indispensable role in mitigating and adapting to climate change along the shared border, particularly in addressing the needs of marginalized communities.

In collaboration with stakeholders across the border region, we gather socio-economic data and perceptions through surveys and geo-spatial visualizations, shedding light on immigrant women, health, and other environmental injustices. By partnering with binational governmental organizations and metropolitan planning entities, our aim is to leverage our recommendations and tools to safeguard vulnerable communities, the environment, and the economy of the border region.

Furthermore, the Chiara Project, a collaborative initiative with Colombia, the US, Mexico, and Venezuela, focuses on reducing digital apartheid and addressing the unique challenges faced by immigrant women along the border. Specifically, this project delves into the intersection of immigration and health, seeking to empower immigrant women and mitigate the barriers they encounter in border towns.

As part of the Chiara Project we firmly believe that tackling climate change-related issues necessitates cross-border cooperation and holistic solutions that transcend geopolitical boundaries. By bridging research, advocacy, and community engagement, we strive to create a more equitable and sustainable future for all. Let’s share our voices! Together, we can make a difference for women everywhere! Click the link and make an impact now! Please take our English Survey here and Spanish Survey here.